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How do I know my cat will use kattbank?
There are several considerations when determining if your cat is a good candidate for kattbank. The best rule of thumb is that if your cat is using a covered litter box currently, adapting to the kattbank shouldn't be a problem. Kattbank was designed to fit the majority of cats, however if your cat is in the top percentile of size and weight, we would suggest first experimenting with covered litter boxes to make certain that your cat can easily maneuver within a limited space. Finally, if your cat regularly has problems using its litter box, we suggest that you consult with your veterinarian or local cat behaviorist to determine a solution.

What is your return policy?
Every kattbank is custom built based on your selections. For this reason, we do not accept returns for product outside of reasons having to do with product defect and shipping damage. Because your order is non-returnable or refundable, we ask that you make your finish selections carefully. For your convenience, we will mail you up to four (4) finish samples at no charge for you to review prior to placing an order. Additional store policies are found on our webstore.

Lead time
Your new kattbank should arrive at your home 5-7 weeks after ordering. You will be notified when your product has shipped and be given a tracking number.

Does kattbank really not smell?
We've designed kattbank so that it slowly dissipates odor and in most circumstances your guests will never know that there is a litter box inside kattbank. If you have purchased a kattbank and notice that you can still smell the litter, we suggest changing your brand of litter and cleaning your box more regularly. The lack of odor may make remembering to clean your litter box more difficult. We suggest picking a time of day and making the cleaning part of your daily routine to help remember.

What size of litter box fits in the kattbank?
The interior of the kattbank will fit a litter box that is approximately 13" x 17". The litter box is not included with kattbank.

Why would I get a kattbank with two litter boxes?
Cats like to have their own space, just like we do. It is best to have one litter box per cat - it will help to prevent territorial battles over the litter box and will make it easier for your cat to use the box whenever it feels the need.

Custom Orders - finish, size, color, shape
Match a color? No problem. Special size? We'll give it a shot. A personalized kattbank? Sounds like fun! Please contact us for pricing on your custom kattbank.

More products
There are many accessories for kattbank that are in the development process. We'll be sure to let you know when they become available. We are also working on a complete line of other home products for the modern cat lover.

How should I care for my kattbank?
In addition to regular cleaning of the litter box, it is also important to clean the interior of the kattbank. We suggest removing all interior parts monthly to wipe down the inside.

How do I keep my litter from smelling bad?
The litter box should be cleaned daily, the litter should be completely replaced regularly, and your litter box should be replaced annually. Every cat is different - experimenting with new types of litter as well as changing your cat's diet may also reveal some good solutions.

Can I order finish samples?
We would be more than happy to send you up to four finish samples at no cost prior to ordering. Email or call in your request. Want more than four? Let's talk about it.
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